We strive to be the first local company for home healthcare with competitive prices, high quality, modern solutions and multiple options.


A home healthcare with international standards, the best services and the most widespread.

Our Objectives

♥ Support the participation of patients through quality health care  at home with families education and training.
♥ Ensure patients health condition stability by providing continuous treatment.
♥ Provide health care for patients in their homes after their condition stabilized.
♥ Prevent hospital acquired infection to patients.
♥ Control and optimize the hospital spending over the patients.
♥ To facilitate the needy patients to get medical equipment in coordination with the relevant authorities in the government and private sectors

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Patient Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Safety
  • Responsibility
  • Team spirit
  • Professionalism
  • Empathy

Our services

Our Target groups of home healthcare programs

♦ Chronically ill patients in need of nursing care and who been referred by physician to home healthcare department.
♦ Mentally ill patients.
♦ Bed ridden patients.
♦ Rehabilitation and physiotherapy patients.
♦ Patients who need palliative care.
♦ Patients with sudden rehabilitation needs. (Acute ankle sprain)
♦ Post-partum maternal health care.
♦ Post-operative care.
♦ I.V antibiotics.
♦ Vaccination for adult and child at home.
♦ Wound care therapy (The VAC therapy system)
♦ Sleep study.
♦ Pressure ulcer management
♦ Respiratory therapy.
♦ Routine lab investigation.

Broad Vision

The group aims to be the largest and professional service provider in GCC region  using International standards for medical services.

Our partners

Our clients